Emily Gillis

Emily is the incredible person who helped design Cherish Chai. A graphic designer, illustrator, brand stragetist, UI expert and all-around incredible human, Emily took an image (more like a vague, foggy feeling) I had in my head and helped me turn it into something incredibly real and tangible. Even though in the beginning, I had doubts about whether this would all work out, Emily believed in this vision since the first day I emailed her about it.
She's the best, basically.

sophie barkham

Sophie Barkham somehow, made me (a notoriously unphotogenic person) presentable for all the photographs you see on this site.
She's an incredibly talented photographer and was on board with exactly what I wanted with Cherish Chai. She was open about how she could enhance my vision from the get-go and I love her for it. 

My Family

I can't even begin to explain the role of my family in inspiring Cherish Chai. My parents raised me to always be proud of being Pakistani and Muslim. I didn't always live up to that, but this is part of my way of showing how grateful I am.

I have always been and will always be in awe of the strength, courage and level of sacrifice it takes to leave one's homeland, language, and life simply for the idea of a good future somewhere else. My parents have worked so incredibly hard to get my sisters and I where we are, to have the opportunities we have. Our drive to succeed is entirely because of and for them.

And my baby sisters, for whom I hope Cherish Chai can be the reason they never have to be ashamed of being brown girls. 

My Friends

I mustered up the energy to go ahead with this project because of my friends. Not only have they genuinely been interested in what Cherish Chai would be, a.k.a. listening to all my nonsensical ramblings, but they've encouraged me every step of the way.

They've continuously understood how important this is to me and done more to inspire me than I think each of them really knows. Thanks for being my people.